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Teachers - do you need some help with the BGCSE?

There is alot of useful information for you and your students on these pages. There are several past papers which you can print off and the audio for the papers is here also.

Information on the Set Works for this year is also available, including videos, composer bios and analyses of the music.

Later on I will add some revision quizes.




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Music BGCSE 2017

You will probably be working on the Set Works for this year's exam right about now....Hmm.....?   Finding it difficult?

Here on this site you will find help to get you through the exam and make your learning experience more enjoyable. To assist you with the unprepared section of the examination I have included several Past Papers to give you practice with this section of the examination.

You will find background information on each composer that you are studying as well as detailed analysis of each work. You will also find links to the main themes for each piece. In addition, I have included external links to other sites on the Internet which are definitely worth a visit.

Teachers - MAKE YOUR LESSON PREPARATION A BREEZE!!!! You can get a complete CD package of the Set Works for 2017 which includes printed scores, analyses, composers bios, worksheets and much more. Contact me to order your package - READY TO SHIP NOW. $20.00 plus $2.00 postage - or collect from me!

Click on the links above to get started..... and have fun!


12th Grade Students studying their set works at the C.V.Bethel Senior High School in Nassau

Gio & Alveron

Winston & Cameron

Cordero & Giovanni


P.O. Box N-1263
Nassau, The Bahamas



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