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The Periods of Musical History

Medieval (pre 1500)

      • Very simple musical structures
      • Very little music was written down
      • Most music was performed by troubadours
      • Mostly monophonic
      • Simple rhythms based on speech

Renaissance (1500-1650)

      • Contrapuntal music was introduced
      • Lots of imitation· Use of modes
      • Mainly polyphonic
      • Usually performed by instruments of the same family

Baroque (1650-1750)

      • Full of ornaments and decoration
      • Use of antiphonal effects
      • Use of terraced dynamics
      • Often accompanied by a harpsichord
      • The birth period of the modern orchestra

Classical (1750-1810)

      • Music in regular length phrases
      • Harmony concentrates around the tonic and dominant
      • Famous composers include Mozart, Beethoven and Hadyn
      • Genres of the period include symphony, concerto, string quartet and opera

Romantic (1810-1900)

      • More instruments used and larger orchestra
      • Variety in harmonics including discords
      • Some music used to tell stories or create emotions
      • Famous composers include Tchaikovsky, Schubert and Verdi
      • Contrasts in dynamics, instruments and pitch

Modern (1900-present)

      • Complete dissolution of harmony
      • The combinations of instruments became more varied
      • Composers became more aware of their national heritage
      • Composers include Elgar, Schöenberg and Stravinsky




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