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Teachers - do you need some help with the BGCSE?

There is alot of useful information for you and your students on these pages. There are several past papers which you can print off and the audio for the papers is here also.

Information on the Set Works for this year is also available, including videos, composer bios and analyses of the music.

Later on I will add some revision quizes.




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Past Papers

Here are some past papers to help you get ready for the written exam.


Select an extract below to listen to the music and answer the questions. In the actual exam you will hear each extract FOUR times with a one minute pause between each hearing. Try to follow this plan when you answer the questions.

2001 Paper - Unprepared Listening

2002 Paper - Unprepared Listening

2003 Paper - Unprepared Listening

2004 Paper - Unprepared Listening






You can print off a paper first by selecting a button and then when it has loaded click the print icon at the top of the page.


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