Fingering Charts Brass Woodwind Percussion

Need some fingering charts? You will find them here.

Need some easy arrangements for your beginner and 2nd year band. Contact me for a list of hymn, gospel and calypso arrangements. each package comes with a score and separate parts for each instrument. Only $10 for each set!!


Check out the fingering charts for Band instruments in the link above.

Do your students hate to practice? Let them explore my presentation so they can learn how to make practicing more fun and less painful! Just click on the banner below to get started.


Practice Makes Perfect



If you need to buy reasonably priced entry level instrument suitable for students in your band, give me a call. I can land instruments for you in Nassau in less than two weeks. For example you can get a silver-plated flute or a clarinet for just $175.00, an alto-sax for $375, a trumpet for $220 and a trombone for $250.

The C. V. Bethel Concert Band performing at S.C. McPherson Junior High School in March 2007.



P.O. Box N-1263
Nassau, The Bahamas



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